Thai Foundation Course

Thai Foundation Course

#3-08 travelling verbs

These next six verbs are all related to getting from A to B in one way or another.



khàp ród-yon

drive (a car)


run (or jog)

khèe ród-maw-dter-sai

ride (a motorcycle)



nâng ród-fai

take a train

These are just regular verbs, the difference is in the way we use them if there’s a destination in the sentence. In this case we add maa (come) or bpai (go) after the travelling verb to show in which direction the action is going. Let’s look at some examples.

chăn dern

I walk

chăn dern maa thêe nêe

I walked here

khăo khàp ród bpai Phuket

he drives to Phuket

Jane châwp wîng

Jane likes to run

ther wîng bpai Karon

she ran to Karon

phûuak rao bin bpai Chiang Mai

we fly to Chiang Mai

phŏm nâng ród-fai bpai grung-thâep

I took a train to Bangkok

khăo khèe maw-dter-sai bpai Kamala

he rode to Kamala

Listen to the examples again then try the exercises.

Exercise 5

1I walk
2I like to walk
3I want to walk
4I walked here
5Peter drove to Bangkok
6Jane likes to run, she ran to karon
7we took a train to Chiang Mai (we are in Phuket now)
8we flew to Phuket (we are in Phuket now)
9Peter likes to ride his motorcycle to Patong
10Jane wants to drive to Karon

Scroll down for the answers …

1phŏm/chăn dern
2phŏm/chăn châwp dern
3phŏm/chăn dtâwng gaan dern
4phŏm/chăn dern maa thêe nêe
5Peter khàp ród-yon bpai grung-thâep
6Jane châwp wîng, ther wîng bpai Karon
7phûuak rao nâng ród-fai bpai Chiang Mai
8phûuak rao bin maa Phuket
9Peter châwp khèe ród-maw-dter-sai bpai Patong
10Jane dtâwng gaan khàp ród-yon bpai Karon

Well done if you got them all correct!