Thai Foundation Course

Thai Foundation Course

#4-01 can

We use the word dâi to express ability, to say that we are able to do something, that we can do something.

dâi · can

can gobpai dâi
can comemaa dâi

dâi is simply added at the very end of the sentence. Make your positive sentence as usual, then tag it on the end. It’s as easy as that!

One of the most common questions you’ll hear in Thailand is ‘can you speak Thai?’, so a couple of new words will be useful here.



phaa-săa thai

Thai language

phaa-săa ang-grìd

English language

Examples using dâi:

phŏm bpai dâi

I can go

ther maa dâi

she can come

chăn phûud phaa-săa ang-grìd dâi

I can speak English

Peter phûud phaa-săa thai dâi

Peter can speak Thai

khun gin gàp phûuak rao dâi

you can eat with us

phŏm tham dâi

I can do it

khăo nâng gàp phûuak rao dâi

he can sit with us

A quick review with the videos before the short exercise.

Exercise 10

1I can sit here
2you can go there
3he can wait
4Peter can speak Thai
5she can write English
6we can swim here
7Jane can speak English with you
8we can go to Phuket
9he can read Thai

Scroll down for the answers …

1phŏm/chăn nâng thêe nêe dâi
2khun bpai thêe nân dâi
3khăo raw dâi
4Peter phûud phaa-săa thai dâi
5ther khǐian phaa-săa ang-grìd dâi
6phûuak rao wâai nám thêe nêe dâi
7Jane phûud phaa-săa ang-grìd gàp khun dâi
8phûuak rao bpai Phuket dâi
9khăo àan phaa-săa thai dâi