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Video call with your Thai teacher

Get some personalised guidance from your own Thai teacher.

Yes! You can practice and learn 1-to-1 with your personal Thai teacher.

Want to practice what you’ve learned? Have some questions you can’t get answered? Your Thai teacher will provide you with feedback, corrections, suggestions and answers to any questions you may have in a video call.

Enjoy a 45-minute video call on your preferred app, such as Line, WhatsApp, Hangouts, etc.

Please note:

  • We are based in Phuket, Thailand which is UTC + 7 hours (GMT + 7 hours)
  • Classes are available from UTC 0300 until UTC 1100
  • Classes are available Monday to Friday
  • Classes are subject to availability and prior booking
  • We cannot guarantee the same teacher each class
  • Video lesson

    Enjoy a 45-minute video call with a Thai teacher based at Patong Languiage School. Use the time to practise what you've covered in the online course, or to ask questions, get advice or feedback.

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Patong Language School began life in a small wooden hut on Patong beach way back in 1983. We've grown in size over the years, but more importantly we've learned a lot about developing courses and materials for our foreign students learning to speak, read and write Thai. We believe there is no easier or quicker way to learn Thai than using our courses. Thousands have succeeded, so can you!
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