Ian Fereday

Ian Fereday is an Englishman who moved to Phuket, Thailand in 1990 after meeting and marrying the owner of Patong Language School. A lifelong fascination with Thai began in the first year of learning the language of his adopted country, and eventually led to the creation and development of the study materials used in the school to teach Thai to foreigners. Now retired in Phuket, Ian still produces and improves the Thai and English study books used in the school by thousands of learners every year.

Rattanaporn Pimsuwan

Rattanaporn (Bee) Pimsuwan is a Thai native from Angthong province and has been the manager of Patong Language School since 1997. Being a very busy school with hundreds of foreigners coming to learn Thai every year, Bee now has many years’ experience and an in-depth understanding of the different ways learners acquire the Thai language. Working with Ian, she helps develop and edit all the Thai and English study materials used at Patong Language School.