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Thanks for learning Thai with us!

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Hello and welcome! I’m Ian Fereday, the owner of Patong Language School, located in Patong Beach, Phuket. I’ve lived in Thailand more than 30 years now, and I’ve spent a lot of that time here preparing study books and materials for foreigners to learn the Thai language.

The very popular and successful course materials used in our leading language school have now been fully updated and reformatted as paperbacks. They’re completely new for 2022! You’ll find them on Amazon, in AsiaBooks and other good booksellers.

If you’ve already bought your copy, then this website will provide the complementary audio for your book, as well as videos, exercises and even some quizzes to help your learning journey.

Just click on your book cover above to access the course materials that go with your book. There’s no registration or login required, and you’ll have unlimited access.

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