Chapter 4

Continuous tense

Present continuous

present simple

chăn gin

I eat.

khăo wâai-nám

He swims.

fŏn dtòk

It rains.

khăo phûud phaa-săa thai măi?

Does he speak Thai?

present continuous

chăn gam-lang gin

I am eating.

khăo gam-lang wâai-nám

He is swimming.

fŏn gam-lang dtòk

It’s raining.

khăo gam-lang phûud phaa-săa thai măi?

Is he speaking Thai?

with yùu อยู่

ther gam-lang phûud yùu

She is speaking.

rao gam-lang dern yùu

We are walking.

without gam-lang กำลัง

fŏn dtòk yùu

It’s raining.

chăn gin yùu

I’m eating.



right now


this moment


at the moment

khăo gam-lang tham-ngaan dtawn-née

He is working now.

rao gam-lang gin khăow yùu dtawn-née

We are eating now.

khăo khàp ród yùu way-laa-née

He is driving at the moment.

Past continuous

khăo gam-lang raw rao mêuua rao maa thěung

He was waiting for us when we arrived.

rao gam-lang khàp ród cháa mêuua rao chon

We were driving slowly when we crashed.

Future continuous

yàa maa dtawn hòk moong-yen, chăn jà gin khăow yen

Don’t come at 6 o’clock. I will be having dinner.

khăo jà raw rao mêuua rao maa thěung

He will be waiting for us when we arrive.

dtawn rao bpai thěung, khăo jà raw yùu láaeo

When we arrive, he will be waiting already.