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Chapter 3

Simple tense

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Present simple (positive, negative & question)

khun bpai

You go.

rao mâi gin

We don’t eat.

khăo wâai-nám

He swims.

ther mâi deùum

She doesn’t drink.

khăo deùum gaa-faae măi?

Does he drink coffee?

khun châwp măi?

Do you like?

Future simple (positive, negative and question)

khun jà bpai

You will go.

rao jà mâi gin

We won’t eat.

khăo jà wâai-nám

He will swim.

ther jà mâi deùum

She won’t drink.

khun jà raw chăn măi?

Will you wait for me?

ther jà phráwm măi?

Will she be ready?

Past simple (positive) 1

phûuak-khăo bpai láeo

They went.

rao gin láeo

We ate.

khăo wâai-nám láeo

He swam.

ther deùum láeo

She drank.

ther deùum láeo

She drank.

Past simple (positive) 2

chăn dâi gin láeo

I ate.

khăo dâi dern láeo

He walked.

ther dâi hĕn láeo

She saw.

chăn dâi phûud gàp khăo láeo

I spoke with him.

Past simple (positive) 2

chăn mâi-dâi gin

I didn’t eat.

khăo mâi-dâi dern

He didn’t walk.

ther mâi-dâi mawng

She didn’t look.

chăn mâi-dâi phûud gàp khăo

I didn’t speak with him.

Past simple (questions)

ther gin láeo rĕuu?

Did she eat?

khăo dern láeo rĕuu?

Did he walk?

khăo bpai láeo rĕuu?

Did he leave?

ther raw khun rĕuu?

Did she wait for you?

Future simple (precise)

khun jà bpai dtawn-née

You will go now.

rao jà mâi gin dtawn 5 moong-yen

We won’t eat at 5 o’clock.

rao jà jer khăo wan-née

We will meet him today.

khăo jà mâi raw thěung aa-thíd nâa

He won’t wait until next week.

ther jà yùu thêe-nêe phrûng-née măi?

Will she be here tomorrow?

Past simple (precise)

khăo bpai dtawn cháo née

He went this morning.

ther mâi dâi àan mêuua-waan née

She didn’t read it yesterday.

rao jer khăo aa-thíd thêe láeo

We met him last week.

phûuak-khăo mâi-dâi séuu deuuan thêe láeo

They didn’t buy it last month.

ther yùu thêe-nêe mêuua-waan măi?

Was she here yesterday?

Going to …

chăn gam-lang jà tham-khwaam-sà-àad hâwng

I’m going to clean my room.

ther hĭw, ther gam-lang jà tham aa-hăan-yen

She’s hungry, she’s going to cook dinner.

khăo gam-lang jà bpai ráp dèk jàak roong-riian

He’s going to collect the children from school.

rao glâi jà thěung láeo rao gam-lang jà maa thěung

We’re nearly there. We’re about to arrive.

Another use of láeo แล้ว

phŏm jà bpai láeo

I’m leaving now.

rao jà gin khâow láeo

We’re going to eat.