Thai Tenses & talking about time

Chapter 6

Ever, never & not yet






not yet


khun khaey bin măi?

Have you ever flown?

chăn khaey bin

I have (ever) flown.

chăn mâi-khaey bin

I have never flown.

chăn yang-mâi-dâi bin

I haven’t flown yet.

khun khaey bpai grung-thâep măi?

Have you ever been to Bangkok?

chăn khaey bpai grung-thâep

I have (ever) been to Bangkok.

chăn mâi-khaey bpai grung-thâep

I have never been to Bangkok.

chăn yang-mâi-dâi bpai grung-thâep

I haven’t been to Bangkok yet.

yang ยัง questions

khun láang jaan láaeo rĕuu-yang?

Have you washed the dishes yet?

Peter phûud phaa-săa thai dâi láaeo rĕuu-yang?

Can Peter speak Thai yet?

gin khăow rĕuu-yang?

Have you eaten yet?

chăn gin láaeo

I’ve eaten already.

chăn yang-mâi-dâi gin

I haven’t eaten yet.

ráan bpèrd rĕuu-yang?

Is the shop open yet?

man bpèrd láaeo

Yes, it is open already.

man yang-mâi bpèrd

No, it’s not open yet.

gin khăow yang?

Have you eaten yet?

ráan bpèrd yang?

Is the shop open yet?