Chapter 12

Time comes and goes

Peter yùu thêe bâan

Peter is at home.

From the past

khun tham à-rai maa?

What have you been doing (before now)?

phûuak-khăo séuu à-rai maa?

What have they bought?

chăn mâi-khaey gin nêe maa-gàwn

I have never tried eating this before.

chăn bpai phuu-gèd maa

I have been to Phuket.

Peter bpai London maa

Peter has been to London.

khăo khíd maa-gàwn jà phûud gàp khun

He thought about it before speaking with you.

A duration of time in the past

phŏm riian phaa-săa thai maa 3 bpee láaeo

I have studied Thai for 3 years.

ther tham-ngaan thêe-nêe maa 6 deuuan láaeo

She has worked here for 6 months.

chăn yùu thêe phuu-gèd maa naan láaeo

I have lived in Phuket a long time already.

khăo bpen chef maa 15 bpee láaeo

He has been a chef for 15 years now.

aa-hăan khăwng-rao yùu thêe-năi? rao raw maa sák-phák láaeo

Where is our food? We’ve been waiting a while now.

phŏm deùum gaa-faae dam maa dtà-làwd dtàe dtawn-née phŏm deùum mâi-dâi láaeo

I always drank black coffee, but I can’t anymore.

ther sài ber S maa naan dtàe dtawn-née ther sài ber M

She wore size S for a long time, but now she is a size M.

Into the future

khun tham bpai-gàwn, mâi dtâwng raw phŏm

You go ahead and do it. There’s no need to wait for me.

chăn mâi hĭw, khun gin bpai-gàwn

I’m not hungry. You go ahead and eat.

khun raw bpai-gàwn, dĭaao phŏm maa

Just wait, I’ll be there soon.

khun khíd bpai-gàwn jà phûud gàp khăo

Think before you speak to him.

A duration of time in the future

rao jà rák gan dtà-làwd bpai

We will love one another forever.

phŏm dtâwng tham-ngaan gèp ngern bpai èek naan gwàa-jà séuu bâan dâi

I will have to work and save for a lot longer before I can buy a house.

khăo jà dtâwng khàp ród bpai èek 3 chûua-moong gwàa-jà thěung grung-thâep

He will have to drive another 3 hours before reaching Bangkok.

chăn jà tham-ngaan bpai reûuai-reûuai jon-gwàa jà sèd

I will keep working until it’s finished.

Go into the past

phŏm tham-ngaan bpai 4 chûua-moong mêuua-cháo-née

I worked for 4 hours this morning.

khăo sĭia-waeh-laa bpai-naan dtàae man mâi-dâi phŏn

He wasted a lot of time, but it didn’t work.

ther lŏng-thaang bpai-naan gwàa-jà maa-thěung

She got lost for a while before she arrived.

rao sĭia waeh-laa bpai tháng-wan gàp gaan shopping

We wasted the whole day shopping.