Thai Foundation

Day 1

day 1 quiz

This quiz is 10 multiple-choice questions.

The answer table is at the bottom of the page.

Listen to the audio tracks, then note down your answers.

Question 1

a) you and he go to Phuket with Jane

b) me and you go to Phuket with Jane

c) you and I go to Phuket with Jane

d) Jane goes to Phuket with you and me

Question 2

a) you come with me

b) you go with me

c) they come with us

d) I go with you

Question 3

a) you go with me

b) I go with you

c) I don’t go with you

d) you don’t go with me

Question 4

a) he likes to read

b) she likes to read

c) she wants to read

d) he doesn’t read

Question 5

a) Peter doesn’t like beer

b) Peter likes to drink beer

c) Peter likes beer

d) Peter drinks beer

Question 6

a) you understand him

b) he understands you

c) I understand you

d) he understands me

Question 7

a) she doesn’t know Peter

b) she knows Peter

c) I know Peter

d) I don’t know Peter

Question 8

a) he doesn’t swim there

b) they want to swim

c) they don’t want to swim there

d) he would like to swim here

Question 9

a) you like me

b) I like you

c) I don’t like you

d) you don’t like me

Question 10

a) I don’t like working here

b) I like working here

c) I don’t work here

d) I don’t like working there

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