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Day 5

using days of the week (exercise 29)

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Exercise 29

To understand that some of these statements are in the past and some in the future, let’s suppose that today is Monday.

1do you want to go on Saturday?
2they will come on Monday
3they came from Bangkok on Saturday
4she will go to Krabi on Wednesday
5we want to eat here on Sunday
6I eat here on Tuesdays and Thursdays
7I spoke with him on Friday
8I will speak with him on Friday
9he cannot do it on Tuesday
10she likes to swim on Sundays

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1khun dtâwng gaan bpai wan săo măi?
2phûuak khăo jà maa wan jan
3khăo maa jàak grungthâep wan săo
4ther jà bpai Krabi wan phúd
5rao dtâwng gaan gin thêe nêe wan aa-thíd
6phŏm/chăn gin thêe nêe wan ang-khaan láe wan phá-réu-hàd
7phŏm/chăn phûud gàp khăo wan sùk
8phŏm/chăn jà phûud gàp khăo wan sùk
9khăo tham wan ang-khaan mâi dâi
10ther châwp wâai nám wan aa-thíd