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Day 5

parts of the day & mealtimes (exercise 32)

parts of the day



Exercise 32

1I eat breakfast in the morning
2I ate a snack here the day before yesterday in the morning
3I spoke with him last Thursday evening
4she will go to the cinema tomorrow morning
5where do you want to have lunch today?
6we like to walk in the late afternoon
7I go to sleep in the evening
8I will have dinner with her this evening
9she likes to go swimming in the morning
10we eat dinner in the afternoon

Scroll down for the answers …

1phŏm/chăn gin aa-hăan cháo dtawn cháo
2phŏm/chăn gin aa-hăan wâang thêe nêe mêuua waan seuun dtawn cháo
3phŏm/chăn phûud gàp khăo dtawn khâm wan phá-réu-hàd thêe láaeo
4ther jà bpai roong-năng phrûngnée dtawn cháo
5khun dtâwng gaan gin aa-hăan glaang wan thêe năi wan née?
6rao châwp dern dtawn yen
7phŏm bpai nawn dtawn khâm
8phŏm jà gin aa-hăan yen gàp ther dtawn khâm née
9ther châwp bpai wâai nám dtawn cháo
10rao gin aa-hăan yen dtawn yen