Thai Foundation

Day 3

day 3 quiz 3

This quiz is 10 multiple-choice questions.

Answer table at the bottom of the page.

Listen to the audio tracks then note down your answers.

Question 1

a) that is Mr Peter

b) that is Peter

c) this is Peter

d) this is not Peter

Question 2

a) this is not John

b) that is John

c) that is not John

d) this is John

Question 3

a) that is a table

b) this is a table

c) that is not a table

d) this is not a table

Question 4

a) they are there

b) he is there

c) we are not here

d) they are not there

Question 5

a) that is not mine

b) this is mine

c) this is not mine

d) is this mine?

Question 6

a) that is Mary

b) this is Mary

c) this is not Mary

d) that is not Mary

Question 7

a) it is not tall

b) it is tall

c) I am tall

d) is it tall?

Question 8

a) is that yours?

b) that is yours

c) that is not yours

d) this is not yours

Question 9

a) the car is black

b) the car is not black

c) is the car black?

d) that car is black

Question 10

a) we are not at the bar

b) is he at the bar?

c) we are at the bar

d) she is at the bar

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