Thai Foundation

Day 1

your first sentences (exercise 1)

chăn bpai/phŏm bpai · I go

ther gin · she eats

khun maa · you come

phûuak rao tham · we do/we make

khăo dèuum · he drinks

phûuak khăo tham ngaan · they work

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You can hear the examples in these videos.

Exercise 1

An easy exercise to get you started. Try translating these into short sentences.

1I go2He thinks
3you come4she looks
5he drinks6we read
7she eats8they write
9we swim10I know
11they speak12you work
13it sits14it sleeps
15I do16we make

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Answers to exercise 1

1phŏm bpai / chăn bpai2khăo khíd
3khun maa4ther duu
5khăo dèuum6phûuak rao àan
7ther gin8phûuak khăo khǐian
9phûuak rao wâai nám10phŏm/chăn rúu
11phûuak khăo phûud12khun tham ngaan
13man nâng14man nawn
15phŏm tham / chăn tham16phûuak rao tham