Thai Foundation

Day 3

where (exercise 18)

khun jà bpai thêe năi

where will you go?

Peter yùu thêe năi

where is Peter?

bprai-sà-nee yùu thêe năi

where is the post office?

phûuak rao jà gin thêe năi

where will we eat?

khun dtâwng gaan nâng thêe năi

where do you want to sit?

rao bpai wâai nám thêe năi dâi

where can we go to swim?

ther yùu thêe năi

where is she?

meuu-thĕuu khăwng phŏm yùu thêe năi

where is my phone?

rao bpai thêe năi dâi

where can we go?

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where? conversation

Exercise 18

1where can we eat? I don’t like this restaurant
2where do you want to go?
3where can I buy food?
4where did you buy that pizza? I bought it from that shop
5where is Jane? she is at school
6where is she? she went to 7-11 to buy water
7I am at work, where are you?
8where can I sit and read?
9where is the police station?
10he is at home, she is at work

Scroll down for the answers …

1phûuak rao gin thêe năi dâi? phŏm/chăn mâi châwp ráan-aa-hăan nêe
2khun dtâwng gaan bpai thêe năi?
3phŏm/chăn séuu aa-hăan thêe năi dâi?
4khun séuu pizza nân jàak thêe năi? phŏm/chăn séuu jàak ráan nân
5Jane yùu thêe năi? ther yùu thêe roong-riian
6ther yùu thêe năi? ther bpai sae-wên jà séuu nám
7phŏm/chăn yùu thêe tham ngaan, khun yùu thêe năi?
8phŏm/chăn nâng àan thêe năi dâi?
9sà-thăa-nee dtam-rùuad yùu thêe năi?
10khăo yùu thêe bâan, ther yùu thêe tham ngaan