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Getting started

the numbers 1 to 10

Below you’ll find male and female voiced videos and audio files for each digit.

The numbers are listed as individual audio files below, with female voice first.

sŭun · zero

jùd · decimal

nèung · one

săwng · two

săam · three

sèe · four

hâa · five

hòk · six

jèd · seven

bpàaed · eight

gâo · nine

sìp · ten

The numbers zero to 10.

Numbers after the decimal point.

sŭun jùd sèe hâa (0.45)

gâo jùd hâa hòk (9.56)

hâa jùd hòk bpàaed (5.68)

săam jùd săwng hâa (3.25)

nèung jùd hòk (1.6)

sèe jùd gâo săwng (4.92)