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Chapter 26

and then

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and then

chăn jà bpai roong-riian, láeo-gâw bpai hàad, láeo-gâw glàb-bâan

I am going to school, and then to the beach and then home.

phŏm dtâwng bpai ráp Peter thêe sà-năam-bin láeo-gâw jà bpai roong-raaem

I must collect Peter at the airport, and then go to the hotel.

khun àan năng-sĕuu gàwn láeo-gâw chăn àan thee-lăng

You read the book first, and then I’ll read it after.

ther bpen phûu-yĭng sŭuai láeo-gâw bpen khon dee dûuai

She is a beautiful woman, and a nice person too.