Speak Thai Today

Chapter 3

two conjunctions

all ‘with’ examples

chăn/phŏm bpai gàp khun

I go with you

khun maa gàp chăn/phŏm

you come with me

khăo bpai wâai nám gàp phûuak khăo

he goes to swim with them

chăn/phŏm dtâwng gaan nâng thêe nêe gàp khun

I want to sit here with you

khun bpai thêe nân gàp Peter

you go there with Peter

ther tham gàp phûuak khăo

she did it with them

chăn/phŏm mâi bpai gàp khun

I don’t go with you

khun mâi bpai thêe nân gàp chăn/phŏm

you don’t go there with me

Peter mâi bpai gàp Jane

Peter doesn’t go with Jane

chăn/phŏm mâi dtâwng gaan nâng thêe nêe gàp phûuak khăo

I don’t want to sit here with them

all ‘and’ examples

khun láe chăn/phŏm

you and me

Peter láe Jane bpai Phuket

Peter and Jane go to Phuket

khăo láe ther nâng thêe nêe

he and she sit here

khun láe chăn/phŏm gin thêe nân

you and I eat there

khun láe chăn/phŏm láe Peter

you and me and Peter

khun láe chăn/phŏm bpai Phuket gàp Jane

you and me go to Phuket with Jane

Exercise 7

1you and me
2you go and I go
3you and I go
4you go with me
5I go with you
6you wait here and I wait there
7you don’t want to go with me
8Peter speaks with Jane
9he came with Jane
10Jane is sitting with us
11they don’t want to eat with us
12she doesn’t like working with him
13Jane and Peter drove to Bangkok
14he doesn’t want to walk with me
15you and Peter wait here
16I listened to him and I listened to you, I don’t understand
17he likes beer and pizza
18he would like to speak with you
19wait for me here with Jane
20she flew to Chiang Mai with Peter

Scroll down for the answers …

1khun láe phŏm/chăn
2khun bpai láe phŏm/chăn bpai
3khun láe phŏm/chăn bpai
4khun bpai gàp phŏm/chăn
5phŏm/chăn bpai gàp khun
6khun raw thêe nêe láe phŏm/chăn raw thêe nân
7khun mâi dtâwng gaan bpai gàp phŏm/chăn
8Peter phûud gàp Jane
9khăo maa gàp Jane
10Jane nâng gàp phûuak rao
11phûuak khăo mâi dtâwng gaan gin gàp phûuak rao
12ther mâi châwp tham ngaan gàp khăo
13Jane láe Peter khàp ród-yon bpai grung-thâep
14khăo mâi dtâwng gaan dern gàp phŏm/chăn
15khun láe Peter raw thêe nêe
16phŏm/chăn fang khăo láe phŏm/chăn fang khun, phŏm/chăn mâi khâo jai
17khăo châwp beer láe pizza
18khăo yàak jà phûud gàp khun
19raw phŏm/chăn thêe nêe gàp Jane
20ther bin bpai Chiang Mai gàp Peter