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Chapter 9

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nân kheuu John

that is John

nân kheuu John châi măi?

that is John, isn’t it?

khăo kheuu Peter

he is Peter

khăo kheuu Peter châi măi?

he is Peter, isn’t he?

nêe mâi châi Jane

this is not Jane

nêe mâi châi Jane châi măi?

this isn’t Jane, is it?

ther mâi châi Mary

she is not Mary

ther mâi châi Mary châi măi?

she isn’t Mary, is she?


nân bpen dtóe

that is a table

nân bpen dtóe châi măi?

that is a table, isn’t it?

nêe bpen khăwng phŏm

this is mine

nêe bpen khăwng phŏm châi măi?

this is mine, isn’t it?

nân mâi châi khăwng khun

that is not yours

nân mâi châi khăwng khun châi măi?

that is not yours, is it?

nêe mâi châi gâeo

this is not a glass

nêe mâi châi gâeo châi măi?

this is not a glass, is it?


khăo yùu thêe nêe

he is here

khăo yùu thêe nêe châi măi?

he is here, isn’t he?

phûuak khăo yùu thêe nân

they are there

phûuak khăo yùu thêe nân châi măi?

they are there, aren’t they?

rao mâi yùu thêe baa

we are not at the bar

rao mâi yùu thêe baa châi măi?

we are not at the bar, are we?

ther mâi yùu thêe bâan

she is not at home

ther mâi yùu thêe bâan châi măi?

she is not at home, is she?


man sŭung

it is tall

man sŭung châi măi?

it is tall, isn’t it?

jaan ráwn

a hot plate

jaan ráwn châi măi?

plate is hot, isn’t it?

dtóe mâi yaao

table is not long

dtóe mâi yaao châi măi?

table is not long, is it?

grà-bpăo mâi nàk

handbag is not heavy

grà-bpăo mâi nàk châi măi?

handbag is not heavy, is it?