Speak Thai Today

Chapter 11

do you have?

question examples

There is & There are

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Exercise 23

1do you have a house?
2does Peter have a car?
3do we have any beer?
4does this bar have Singha beer?
5do you have a mobile phone?
6does the post office have my letter?
7do you have coffee?
8do you have my remote?
9does Phuket have an airport?
10does Jane have a condo in Phuket?

Scroll down for the answers …

1khun mee bâan măi?
2Peter mee ród-yon măi?
3rao mee beer măi?
4bar née mee beer sing măi?
5khun mee meuu-thĕuu măi?
6bprai-sà-nee mee jòd-măai khăwng phŏm/chăn măi?
7khun mee gaa-faae măi?
8khun mee ree-mòed khăwng phŏm/chăn măi?
9Phuket mee sà-năam-bin măi?
10Jane mee condo thêe Phuket măi?