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Chapter 3

building on our sentences

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phŏm/chăn châwp khun

I like you

chăn rák khun

I love you

khăo rúu jàk phûuak rao

he knows us

khăo khâo jai chăn

he understands me

khun thoo-hǎa ther

you call her

ther jam phŏm

she remembers me

phûuak rao hĕn man

we see it

chăn dâi yin khun

I hear(d) you

phŏm fang khun

I listen to you

phŏm bpai Karon

I go to Karon

khun maa Phuket

you come to Phuket

Peter châwp Jane

Peter likes Jane

Jane rák phŏm

Jane loves me

Jane thoo-hǎa khăo

Jane calls (called) him

fang chăn

listen to me

phŏm dâi yin

I heard

Peter rúu jàk Jane

Peter knows Jane

Jane châwp pizza

Jane likes pizza

Jane châwp gin pizza

Jane likes to eat pizza

Peter châwp beer

Peter likes beer

Peter châwp dèuum beer

Peter likes to drink beer

phûuak rao châwp wâai nám

we like to swim

ther châwp àan

she likes to read

Exercise 2

1I like2you write
3you love4they see
5he understands6it listens
7she phones8I hear
9he likes you10she loves me
11he understands her12she called him
13I wait for Peter14we see them
15I go to Rawai16he likes to come to Phuket
17Peter likes to sleep18Jane likes to eat pizza
19Peter phoned Jane20I know Peter
21he likes to swim22she likes to read
23I like beer24I drink beer
25I like to drink beer26she sees it
27she went to Karon28I like to come to Patong
29I heard you30you listen to me
31he knows Peter32she knows Patong
33I know Phuket34he knows
35you sit (and) wait

Scroll down for the answers …

1phŏm/chăn châwp2khun khǐian
3khun rák4phûuak khăo hĕn
5khăo khâo jai6man fang
7ther thoo-hǎa8phŏm/chăn dâi yin
9khăo châwp khun10ther rák phŏm/chăn
11khăo khâo jai ther12ther thoo-hǎa khăo
13phŏm/chăn raw Peter14phûuak rao hĕn phûuak khăo
15phŏm/chăn bpai Rawai16khăo châwp maa Phuket
17Peter châwp nawn18Jane châwp gin pizza
19Peter thoo-hǎa Jane20phŏm/chăn rúu jàk Peter
21khăo châwp wâai nám22ther châwp àan
23phŏm/chăn châwp beer24phŏm/chăn dèuum beer
25phŏm/chăn châwp dèuum beer26ther hĕn man
27ther bpai Karon28phŏm/chăn châwp maa Patong
29phŏm/chăn dâi yin khun30khun fang phŏm/chăn
31khăo rúu jàk Peter32ther rúu jàk Patong
33phŏm/chăn rúu jàk Phuket34khăo rúu
35khun nâng raw