Speak Thai Today

Chapter 7

verb to be, this & that

nêe bpen khăwng chăn

this is mine

nêe bpen khăwng khun

this is yours

nân bpen gâo-êe khăwng phŏm

that is my chair

nân bpen ród maw-dter-sai khăwng ther

that is her motorcycle

nân bpen nóed-búk mài khăwng Peter

that is Peter’s new notebook

nêe bpen gâeo khăwng chăn láe nân bpen gâeo khăwng khun

this is my glass and that is yours

Exercise 15

1this is our table and that is yours
2that is your notebook
3Jane’s motorcycle
4that is your handbag
5this is Peter’s spoon and fork
6that is my food
7this is his white T-shirt
8that is Jane’s chair
9this is her umbrella
10that is the TV remote

Scroll down for the answers …

1nêe bpen dtóe khăwng phûuak rao láe nân bpen khăwng khun
2nân bpen nóed-búk khăwng khun
3ród-maw-dter-sai khăwng Jane
4nân bpen grà-bpăo khăwng khun
5nêe bpen cháwn láe sâwm khăwng Peter
6nân bpen aa-hăan khăwng phŏm/chăn
7nêe bpen sêuua yêuud sěe khăao khăwng khăo
8nân bpen gâo-êe khăwng Jane
9nêe bpen rôm khăwng ther
10nân bpen ree-mòed khăwng thee-wee