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Chapter 11

not have

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chăn mâi mee bâan

I don’t have a house

khăo mâi mee phêuuan

he doesn’t have any friends

ther mâi mee gaang gaeng yeen

she doesn’t have any jeans

roong-raaem née mâi mee ráan-aa-hăan

this hotel doesn’t have a restaurant

baa née mâi mee beer Chang

this bar doesn’t have Chang beer

Exercise 22

1Peter doesn’t have a car, he drives Jane’s car
2Jane doesn’t have any friends in Bangkok
3Jane doesn’t have a dog, she has a cat
4Phuket doesn’t have a railway station
5this table doesn’t have any chairs
6we don’t have a contract with you
7there is no restaurant here
8my friend doesn’t have any shorts
9I don’t have any paper
10this hotel doesn’t have a bar

Scroll down for the answers …

1Peter mâi mee ród-yon, khăo khàp khăwng Jane
2Jane mâi mee phêuuan thêe grung-thâep
3Jane mâi mee măa, ther mee maaeo
4Phuket mâi mee sà-thăa-nee ród-fai
5dtóe née mâi mee gâo-êe
6rao mâi mee săn-yaa gàp khun
7thêe nêe mâi mee ráan-aa-hăan   –   mâi mee ráan-aa-hăan thêe nêe
8phêuuan khăwng phŏm/chăn mâi mee gaang gaeng khăa sân
9phŏm/chăn mâi mee grà-dàad
10roong-raaem née mâi mee bar