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Chapter 4

can? questions and answers

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phŏm bpai dâi măi?

can I go?

ther maa dâi măi?

can she come?

chăn phûud phaa-săa ang-grìd dâi măi?

can I speak English?

Peter phûud phaa-săa thai dâi măi?

can Peter speak Thai?

khun gin gàp phûuak rao dâi măi?

can you eat with us?

phŏm tham dâi măi?

can I do it?

khăo nâng gàp phûuak rao dâi măi?

can he sit with us?

Exercise 12

1can we wait for you here?
2can you speak English?
3can Peter read Thai?
4can we sit here?
5can I swim here?
6can you go there?
7can I go with you?
8can Peter and Jane speak Thai?
9can you remember me?
10I can drive a car. Can you drive?
11I can’t do it. Can you do it?
12can she come to Phuket?
13can we fly to Bangkok?
14he likes to run, can you run?
15can you understand him?

Scroll down for the answers …

1phûuak rao raw khun thêe nêe dâi măi?
2khun phûud phaa-săa ang-grìd dâi măi?
3Peter àan phaa-săa thai dâi măi?
4phûuak rao nâng thêe nêe dâi măi?
5phŏm/chăn wâai nám thêe nêe dâi măi?
6khun bpai thêe nân dâi măi?
7phŏm/chăn bpai gàp khun dâi măi?
8Peter láe Jane phûud phaa-săa thai dâi măi?
9khun jam phŏm/chăn dâi măi?
10phŏm/chăn khàp ród dâi, khun khàp ród dâi măi?
11phŏm/chăn tham mâi dâi, khun tham dâi măi?
12ther maa Phuket dâi măi?
13phûuak rao bin bpai grung-thâep dâi măi?
14khăo châwp wîng, khun wîng dâi măi?
15khun khâo jai khăo dâi măi?