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Chapter 19

the same as

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alike, the same


the same as

bâan nai mùu-bâan née mĕuuan-gan

The houses in this village are the same.

sêuua dtuua nán mĕuuan thêe phŏm séuu aa-thíd thêe-láeo

That shirt is the same as the one I bought last week.

khun mâi-dâi tham mĕuuan thêe khun bàwk

You didn’t do it like you said.

sêuua khăwng-khun mâi mĕuuan khăwng-phŏm

Your shirt is not the same as mine.

ród săwng khan née sěe mâi mĕuuan-gan

These two cars are not the same colour.

tham mĕuuan khráng thêe-láeo

Do it like last time.