Speak Thai Today

Chapter 13

chapter 13 quiz

This quiz is 10 multiple-choice questions.

Answer table at the bottom of the page.

Listen to the audio tracks then note down your answers.

Question 1

a) I will go on Tuesday

b) I will go there on Monday

c) he will come on Monday

d) she will come here on Friday

Question 2

a) this year

b) next year

c) last month

d) next month

Question 3

a) he is not coming today

b) will he come today?

c) he came today

d) he will come today

Question 4

a) would you like to have dinner with Jane next Wednesday?

b) we will have breakfast with Jane next week

c) we had breakfast with Jane last Tuesday

d) would you like to have dinner with Jane next Thursday?

Question 5

a) will she go on Wednesday?

b) will she come on Tuesday?

c) will he come on Thursday?

d) will we go on Tuesday?

Question 6

a) this year

b) this month

c) next month

d) today

Question 7

a) we will go swimming this week

b) will we go swimming this week?

c) we went swimming this week

d) do you want to go swimming this week?

Question 8

a) I will come here this evening

b) I came here on Thursday afternoon

c) I will come here next Thursday evening

d) I will not come here on Thursday

Question 9

a) did he buy a car on Saturday?

b) he bought a car on Saturday

c) will he buy a car on Saturday?

d) he will buy a car on Saturday

Question 10

a) today

b) yesterday

c) tomorrow

d) the day before yesterday

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