Chapter 19






bâan lăng née dtàaek-dtàang jàak bâan thêe rao duu mêuua-waan

This house is different to the one we looked at yesterday.

sà-mŭi mâi dtàang-gàp phuu-gèd

Samui is no different from Phuket.

khon thai láe khon ang-grìd dtàang-gan

Thai people and British people are different (to each other).

Peter gàp John khíd dtàang-gan

Peter and John think differently (to each other).

gâo-êe sèe dtuua née mâi dtàang-gan

These four chairs aren’t different (to each other).

nân dtàang jàak thêe khun bàwk mêuua-waan

That’s different from what you said yesterday.

man dtàaek-dtàang-gan yàang-rai?

How are they different (from each other)?

mee à-rai dtàang-gan?

What is different?

mâi mee à-rai dtàaek-dtàang

Nothing is different.