Speak Thai Today

Chapter 12

chapter 12 quiz

This quiz is 10 multiple-choice questions.

Answer table at the bottom of the page.

Listen to the audio tracks then note down your answers.

Question 1

a) she ate many slices of pizza

b) she ate 4 slices of pizza

c) she didn’t eat many slices of pizza

d) she ate just 1 slice of pizza

Question 2

a) this hotel has a restaurant

b) this hotel doesn’t have a restaurant

c) does this hotel have a restaurant?

d) is there a restaurant at this hotel?

Question 3

a) I don’t sit here alone

b) I sit here alone

c) am I sitting alone?

d) I am alone

Question 4

a) half a kilo of beef

b) 1 kilo of beef

c) 2 kilos of beef

d) 1 and a half kilos of beef

Question 5

a) he doesn’t have many friends

b) how many friends does he have?

c) does he have any friends?

d) he has many friends

Question 6

a) he has many pairs of shorts

b) he has just one pair of shorts

c) does he have any shorts?

d) he doesn’t have any shorts

Question 7

a) are there many houses?

b) just one house

c) many houses

d) not many houses

Question 8

a) 4 dogs

b) not many dogs

c) many dogs

d) just 1 dog

Question 9

a) 1 litre of milk

b) half a litre of milk

c) 2 litres of milk

d) do you have any milk?

Question 10

a) this village has 11 houses

b) this village doesn’t have many houses

c) this village has many houses

d) how many houses does this village have?

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