Speak Thai Today

Chapter 3

exercise 9

Translate the English statement into a Thai question, then answer in both positive and negative. The first question is completed as an example.

1he understands
khăo khâo jai măi?khâo jaimâi khâo jai
2you remember him
3she sits (and) reads here
4he spoke with Jane
5Peter wants to swim here
6Jane likes pizza
7she would like to go with us
8he loves her
9you like to drink beer
10you will go with me
11he will listen to you
12she will read it
13he will come with us
14they will hear us
15he will write

Scroll down for the answers …

1khăo khâo jai măi?khâo jaimâi khâo jai
2khun jam khăo măi?jammâi jam
3ther nâng àan thêe nêe măi?nâng àanmâi nâng àan
4khăo phûud gàp Jane măi?phûudmâi phûud
5Peter dtâwng gaan wâai nám thêe nêe măi?dtâwng gaanmâi dtâwng gaan
dtâwng gaan wâai námmâi dtâwng gaan wâai nám
wâai námmâi wâai nám
6Jane châwp pizza măi?châwpmâi châwp
7ther yàak bpai gàp phûuak rao măi?yàakmâi yàak
yàak bpaimâi yàak bpai
bpaimâi bpai
8khăo rák ther măi?rákmâi rák
9khun châwp dèuum beer măi?châwp dèuummâi châwp dèuum
10khun jà bpai gàp phŏm/chăn măi?bpaimâi bpai
11khăo jà fang khun măi?fangmâi fang
12ther jà àan man măi?àanmâi àan
13khăo jà maa gàp phûuak rao măi?maamâi maa
14phûuak khăo jà dâi yin phûuak rao măi?dâi yinmâi dâi yin
15khăo jà khǐian măi?khǐianmâi khǐian

Well done!

You now have a vocabulary of just 45 words (excluding numbers and days of the week), but you can make positive and negative statements, and ask and answer questions. Quite an achievement!