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Chapter 26


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by, with


by, too, also




made of, made from

phíd-sâa tham dûuai meuu

Pizza is made by hand.

rao khǐian dûuai bpàak-gaa

We write with a pen.

Jane bpai grung-thâep dûuai ród-yon

Jane went to Bangkok by car.

too, also

phŏm yàak dâi gài láe khâao dûuai

I would like some chicken, and also some rice.

thâa khun bpai, chăn jà bpai dûuai

If you go, I will go too.

thâa chăn bpai, khun jà bpai dûuai măi?

If I go, will you go too?

thâa khun mâi bpai, chăn jà mâi bpai dûuai

If you don’t go, I won’t go either.

thâa khun bpai, chăn gâw jà bpai dûuai

If you go, then I will go too.

thâa khun mâi bpai, chăn gâw jà mâi bpai mĕuuan-gan

If you don’t go, then I won’t go either.


Peter láe Jane bpai phuu-gèd dûuai-gan

Peter and Jane go to Phuket together.

rao riian phaa-săa thai dûuai-gan

We are learning Thai together.

bpai duu năng gan măi?

Want to see a movie (together)?

raw Peter maa láeo rao gin gan

Wait for Peter to come then we’ll eat (together).

made of, made from

gâo-êe dtuua née tham-dûuai mái

This chair is made of wood.

dtûu-sêuua-phâa née tham-dûuai à-rai?

What is this wardrobe made from?