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Chapter 8

verb to be 2

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chăn yùu thêe bâan

I am at home

khăo yùu thêe roong-riian

he is at school

ther mâi yùu thêe ráan

she is not at the shop

phûuak rao yùu thêe roong-năng

we are at the cinema

Peter yùu thêe ráan-aa-hăan gàp Jane

Peter is at the restaurant with Jane

khăo mâi yùu thêe nêe, khăo bpai baa

he’s not here, he went to the bar

Exercise 17

1he is at school, he is not at the bank
2this is the house I bought from Peter
3she came from the market
4he came from the village
5she bought a new skirt at Central
6I went to the cinema with Jane
7they flew here from Bangkok
8whose motorcycle is at the post office? it is Jane’s
9who is at the hospital with Peter?
10he came here from the bank

Scroll down for the answers …

1khăo yùu thêe roong-riian, khăo mâi yùu thêe thá-naa-khaan
2nêe bpen bâan thêe phŏm/chăn séuu jàak Peter
3ther maa jàak dtà-làad
4khăo maa jàak mùu-bâan
5ther séuu grà-bproong mài thêe sen-thrân
6phŏm/chăn bpai roong-năng gàp Jane
7phûuak khăo bin maa thêe nêe jàak grung-thâep
8ród-maw-dter-sai khăwng khrai yùu thêe bprai-sà-nee? man khăwng Jane
9khrai yùu thêe roong-phá-yaa-baan gàp Peter?
10khăo maa thêe nêe jàak thá-naa-khaan