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Chapter 7

who & whose

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khrai jà bpai gàp khun?

who will you go with?

khun jà bpai gàp khrai?

who will go with you?

Peter phûud gàp khrai?

who is Peter talking to?

khrai nâng thêe nêe?

who is sitting here?

khrai yàak jà wâai nám gàp chăn?

who would like to swim with me?

khrai maa dâi?

who can come?

nêe bpen grà-bpăo khăwng khrai?

whose handbag is this?

nân bpen gâo-êe khăwng khrai?

whose chair is that?

nêe bpen khăwng chăn, nân bpen khăwng khrai?

this is mine, whose is that?

Exercise 16

1whose car is this? it is Peter’s
2who did she phone?
3who can you go with?
4who is Peter talking to?
5whose table is this?
6who is sitting here?
7who would like to speak Thai with me?
8who can we speak English with?
9that is ours, whose is this?
10who did you come here with?

Scroll down for the answers …

1nêe bpen ród khăwng khrai? man bpen khăwng Peter
2ther thoo-haǎ khrai?
3khun bpai gàp khrai dâi?
4Peter phûud gàp khrai?
5nêe bpen dtóe khăwng khrai?
6khrai nâng thêe nêe?
7khrai yàak jà phûud phaa-săa thai gàp phŏm/chăn?
8rao phûud phaa-săa ang-grìd gàp khrai dâi?
9nân bpen khăwng rao, nêe bpen khăwng khrai?
10khun maa thêe nêe gàp khrai?