Speak Thai Today

Chapter 11

chapter 11 quiz

This quiz is 10 multiple-choice questions.

Answer table at the bottom of the page.

Listen to the audio tracks then note down your answers.

Question 1

a) he has a car

b) they have 2 cars

c) do they have 2 cars?

d) they don’t have a car

Question 2

a) this hotel has a restaurant

b) this hotel doesn’t have a restaurant

c) does this hotel have a restaurant?

d) is there a restaurant at this hotel?

Question 3

a) does he have pizza?

b) do we have any pizza?

c) are we eating pizza?

d) do you like pizza?

Question 4

a) do they have a car?

b) they have a car

c) they don’t have a car

d) they have a new car

Question 5

a) she doesn’t have any jeans

b) he has a pair of jeans

c) does she have any jeans?

d) he has many jeans

Question 6

a) Jane has a phone

b) Jane doesn’t have a phone

c) does Jane have a phone?

d) is that Jane’s phone?

Question 7

a) does he have 7 friends?

b) him and 7 men

c) he knows 7 people

d) he has 7 friends

Question 8

a) does he have any friends?

b) he has no friends

c) he has many friends

d) he has 4 friends

Question 9

a) do you have a house?

b) you don’t have a house

c) does he have a house?

d) we have a house

Question 10

a) he has no friends

b) he has friends

c) does he have friends

d) he has 2 friends

Scroll down for answers.