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Chapter 26

May I have …?

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khăw …

May I have …?

khăw hâi …

Could you …?

khăw gaa-faae nòy

May I have a coffee please?

khăw biia èek săwng khùuad khráp

Can I have two more bottles of beer?

khăw nâng thêe-nêe dâi măi?

May I sit here?

khăw waeh-laa èek sìp naa-thee

Can I have ten more minutes?

khăw waeh-laa khíd nòy (dâi măi?)

Can I have time to think please?

khăw hâi nâng raw gàwn

Please take a seat and wait first.

khăw hâi khàp cháa cháa

Please drive slowly.

khăo khăw hâi khun tham à-rai?

What did he ask you to do?