Speak Thai Today

Chapter 6

chapter 6 quiz

This quiz is 10 multiple-choice questions.

Answer table at the bottom of the page.

Listen to the audio tracks then note down your answers.

Question 1

a) a small table

b) a big table

c) a small chair

d) a long sofa

Question 2

a) a new kettle

b) an old kettle

c) a heavy kettle

d) a black kettle

Question 3

a) a sharp knife

b) a new fork

c) an old spoon

d) a clean plate

Question 4

a) a hot cup

b) cold food

c) warm food

d) hot food

Question 5

a) a white T-shirt

b) an old T-shirt

c) a new T-shirt

d) an old shirt

Question 6

a) a dirty motorcycle

b) a red, dirty motorcycle

c) a red motorcycle

d) an old motorcycle

Question 7

a) the fan is off

b) turn on the fan

c) switch off the fan

d) the fan is on

Question 8

a) turn off the TV

b) the TV is on

c) is the TV on?

d) turn on the TV

Question 9

a) the window is closed

b) close the window

c) open the window

d) the window is open

Question 10

a) open the door

b) open the window

c) the door is open

d) close the door

Scroll down for answers.