Speak Thai Today

Chapter 13

points in time

all examples

Exercise 30

1they will come next week
2they came from Bangkok last year
3I went to the airport yesterday
4she will go to Krabi this week
5I want to eat now
6she will go to the cinema tomorrow
7I spoke to him two days ago
8we will go to Phuket next month
9she will go to Bangkok next year
10we ate here last Sunday

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1phûuak khăo jà maa aa-thíd nâa
2khăo maa jàak grungthâep bpee thêe láaeo
3phŏm/chăn bpai sà-năam-bin mêuua waan née
4ther jà bpai Krabi aa-thíd née
5phŏm/chăn dtâwng gaan gin aa-hăan dtawn née
6ther jà bpai roong-năng phrûngnée
7phŏm/chăn phûud gàp khăo mêuua waan seuun
8phûuak rao jà bpai Phuket deuuan nâa
9ther jà bpai grung-thâep bpee nâa
10rao gin thêe nêe wan aa-thíd thêe láaeo