Speak Thai Today

Chapter 3

here & there

chăn dtâwng gaan raw thêe nêe

I want to wait here

Peter dtâwng gaan bpai thêe nân

Peter wants to go there

khăo dtâwng gaan nâng thêe nêe

he wants to sit here

Jane dtâwng gaan raw thêe nêe

Jane wants to wait here

phûuak rao yàak jà wâai nám thêe nân

we would like to swim there

phûuak khăo dtâwng gaan nawn thêe nêe

they want to sleep here

Listen to the examples again in the video before tackling the exercise.

Exercise 4

1I want to sit here2you want to go there
3she goes there4we come here
5I would like to go there6you would like to come here
7he likes to eat here8she likes to drink there
9he wants to read it10she wants to sit here
11we sit (and) drink beer here12they eat pizza there
13she wants to wait here14he wants to drink beer there
15they like to swim here16she likes to eat pizza here
17we would like to eat pizza there18it wants to sleep here
19I want to sit (and) wait here20he wants to work here
21we like (it) here22she likes to go there
23she would like to work there24Peter waits here

Scroll down for the answers …

1phŏm/chăn dtâwng gaan nâng thêe nêe
2khun dtâwng gaan bpai thêe nân
3ther bpai thêe nân
4phûuak rao maa thêe nêe
5phŏm/chăn yàak jà bpai thêe nân
6khun yàak jà maa thêe nêe
7khăo châwp gin thêe nêe
8ther châwp dèuum thêe nân
9khăo dtâwng gaan àan man
10ther dtâwng gaan nâng thêe nêe
11phûuak rao nâng dèuum beer thêe nêe
12phûuak khăo gin pizza thêe nân
13ther dtâwng gaan raw thêe nêe
14khăo dtâwng gaan dèuum beer thêe nân
15phûuak khăo châwp wâai nám thêe nêe
16ther châwp gin pizza thêe nêe
17phûuak rao yàak jà gin pizza thêe nân
18man dtâwng gaan nawn thêe nêe
19phŏm/chăn dtâwng gaan nâng raw thêe nêe
20khăo dtâwng gaan tham ngaan thêe nêe
21phûuak rao châwp thêe nêe
22ther châwp bpai thêe nân
23ther yàak jà tham ngaan thêe nân
24Peter raw thêe nêe