Speak Thai Today

Chapter 12

only one





Exercise 26

1I like sitting here alone, reading a book
2this house has many rooms, my house has just one room
3she is at home alone
4we have only one car
5listen to me, I will say this only once
6he has 2 mobile phones and only one tablet
7she wants to go to Patong alone
8we want to buy just one house
9he likes to eat with friends, he doesn’t like to eat alone
10Peter drank just one bottle of beer

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1phŏm/chăn châwp nâng àan năng-sĕuu thêe nêe khon diaao
2bâan lăng née mee lăai hâwng, bâan khăwng phŏm/chăn mee hâwng diaao
3ther yùu thêe bâan khon diaao
4rao mee ród khan diaao
5fang phŏm/chăn, phŏm/chăn jà phûud khráng diaao
6khăo mee meuu-thĕuu 2 khrêuuang láe théb-lèd khrêuuang diaao
7ther dtâwng gaan bpai Patong khon diaao
8rao dtâwng gaan séuu bâan lăng diaao
9khăo châwp gin gàp phêuuan, khăo mâi châwp gin khon diaao
10Peter dèuum beer khùuad diaao