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Chapter 3


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phŏm mâi bpai

I don’t go

khun mâi gin

you don’t eat

khăo mâi châwp chăn

he doesn’t like me

chăn mâi khâo jai

I don’t understand

khun mâi rúu

you don’t know

ther mâi rúu jàk Peter

she doesn’t know Peter

rao mâi nâng thêe nêe

we don’t sit here

phŏm mâi châwp khun

I don’t like you

khăo mâi khâo jai khun

he doesn’t understand you

phûuak rao mâi dern bpai Karon

we don’t walk to Karon

chăn mâi châwp tham ngaan thêe nêe

I don’t like working here

phŏm mâi dtâwng gaan bpai

I don’t want to go

khun mâi dtâwng gaan gin

you don’t want to eat

khăo mâi dtâwng gaan nâng thêe nêe

he doesn’t want to sit here

chăn mâi yàak jà bpai thêe nân

I wouldn’t like to go to there

chăn mâi yàak jà tham ngaan thêe nêe

I wouldn’t like to work here

phûuak khăo mâi dtâwng gaan wâai nám thêe nân

they don’t want to swim there

Review the examples in the video, then try the exercise (but be careful, there’s some tricky ones in there!).

Exercise 6

1I don’t want to go
2you don’t want to eat it
3you don’t understand me
4he doesn’t want to wait for us there
5she doesn’t walk to Patong
6he wouldn’t like to eat there
7I don’t swim here
8Peter doesn’t speak
9she doesn’t want to sit here
10it doesn’t want to work
11I don’t want to do it
12he doesn’t sleep
13you don’t want to read it
14I don’t like to swim
15you don’t like to eat pizza
16Jane doesn’t like to drink beer
17he doesn’t love you
18she doesn’t like you
19you don’t phone her
20he doesn’t listen to me
21you don’t like to ride a motorcycle
22he doesn’t want to drive to Bangkok
23they didn’t come to Phuket by train
24Jane doesn’t run to Patong
25he didn’t fly to Bangkok, he drove there
26I don’t like pizza, I like beer
27you don’t want to wait, you want to go

Scroll down for the answers …

1phŏm/chăn mâi dtâwng gaan bpai
2khun mâi dtâwng gaan gin man
3khun mâi khâo jai phŏm/chăn
4khăo mâi dtâwng gaan raw phûuak rao thêe nân
5ther mâi dern bpai Patong
6khăo mâi  yàak jà gin thêe nân
7phŏm/chăn mâi wâai nám thêe nêe
8Peter mâi phûud
9ther mâi dtâwng gaan nâng thêe nêe
10man mâi dtâwng gaan tham ngaan
11phŏm/chăn mâi dtâwng gaan tham man
12khăo mâi nawn
13khun mâi dtâwng gaan àan man
14phŏm/chăn mâi châwp wâai nám
15khun mâi châwp gin pizza
16Jane mâi châwp dèuum beer
17khăo mâi rák khun
18ther mâi châwp khun
19khun mâi thoo-hǎa ther
20khăo mâi fang phŏm/chăn
21khun mâi châwp khèe maw-dter-sai
22khăo mâi dtâwng gaan khàp ród-yon bpai grung-thâep
23phûuak khăo mâi nâng ród-fai maa Phuket
24Jane mâi wîng bpai Patong
25khăo mâi bin bpai grung-thâep, khăo khàp ród bpai thêe nân
26phŏm/chăn mâi châwp pizza, phŏm/chăn châwp beer
27khun mâi dtâwng gaan raw, khun dtâwng gaan bpai