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Chapter 18

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not yet

ther gin láeo rĕuu?

Did she eat?

ther gin (láeo) rĕuu-yang?

Has she eaten already?

khun gin rĕuu-yang?

Have you eaten yet?

khăo maa rĕuu-yang?

Has he come yet?

khun jer Peter rĕuu-yang?

Have you met Peter yet?

khăo phûud gàp khun rĕuu-yang?

Has he spoken with you yet?

khun bpèrd aae rĕuu-yang?

Have you switched on the air-conditioner yet?

khun àan năng-séuu lâem née rĕuu-yang?

Have you read this book yet?

khun phûud phaa-săa thai dâi rĕuu-yang?

Can you speak Thai yet?

ther tham dâi rĕuu-yang?

Can she do it yet?

chăn bpèrd man dâi rĕuu-yang?

Can I switch it on yet?

khun khàp ród dâi rĕuu-yang?

Can you drive yet?

ther phûud phaa-săa ang-grìd dâi rĕuu-yang?

Can she speak English yet?

man ráwn rĕuu-yang?

Is it hot yet?

ráan bpèrd rĕuu-yang?

Is the shop open yet?

baa bpìd rĕuu-yang?

Is the bar closed yet?