Speak Thai Today

Chapter 11

have, has

chăn mee bâan

I have a house

chăn mee bâan săam lăng

I have 3 houses

ther mee măa

she has a dog

ther mee măa săwng dtuua

she has 2 dogs

khăo mee phêuuan

he has a friend

khăo mee phêuuan jèd khon

he has 7 friends

phûuak khăo mee ród-yon

they have a car

phûuak khăo mee ród-yon săwng khan

they have 2 cars

Exercise 21

1I have a mobile phone and a tablet
2Jane has a cat
3Peter likes motorcycles, he has 3
4this table has 4 chairs
5we have a contract with Peter
6there is a hotel here
7this hotel has 150 large rooms
8my house has 4 rooms
9there are 10 men here
10I have a house in Phuket and a condo in Bangkok

Scroll down for the answers …

1phŏm/chăn mee meuu-thĕuu láe théb-lèd
2Jane mee maaeo
3Peter châwp ród-maw-dter-sai, khăo mee 3 khan
4dtóe née mee gâo-êe 4 dtuua
5rao mee săn-yaa gàp Peter
6thêe nêe mee roong-raaem   –   mee roong-raaem thêe nêe
7roong-raaem née mee hâwng yài 150 hâwng
8bâan khăwng phŏm/chăn mee 4 hâwng
9mee phûu-chaai 10 khon thêe nêe   –   thêe nêe mee phûu-chaai 10 khon
10phŏm/chăn mee bâan thêe Phuket láe condo thêe grung-thâep