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Chapter 18

láeo, exceptions

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another use of láeo

phŏm jà bpai láeo

I’m leaving now.

rao jà gin khâow láeo

We’re going to eat.


khăo bpai grung-thâep láeo

He has gone to Bangkok.

ther bpai roong-riian láeo

She has gone to school.

phûuak-khăo bpai ang-grìd láeo

They have gone to England.

phûuak-khăo bpai nawn láeo

They have gone to bed.


phŏm bpai gin maa

I have been to eat.

khăo bpai grung-thâep maa

He has been to Bangkok.

ther bpai phuu-gèd maa mêuua-waan

She went to Phuket yesterday.

chăn bpai sà-năam-bin maa wan-née

I have been to the airport today.

rao bpai maa-laeh láe sĭng-gà-bpoo maa

We have been to Malaysia and Singapore.

phŏm bpai tham-ngaan maa

I have been to work.

rao bpai gin aa-hăan-cháo maa

We have been to eat breakfast.

khun bpai (thêe) năi maa?

Where have you been?